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22nd October
IAWA Gold Cup - Abilene, Kansas USA
Promoters Al and LEaverne Myers 19 Lifters
Winner of Howard Prechtel Memorial Trophy - Timo Lauttamus (Finland)

16th October
Arts International Birthday Bash USA
Lifters from australia Finland England Scotland and USA Compete!

9th October
IAWA World Champs Lebanon PA USA
22 Lifters - Peter Tryner Wins Overall Best Lifter

25th September
The Southern Cup - 8 lifters at Eastbourne - Rory Hoad Overall Winner

10th September
World Postal Championships 2016
Andy Goddard Memorial
24 Teams - 63 lifters!
Top 7 Teams: Burton Powerhouse 1- Granby Grippers- Burton Powerhouse 2 -Team Northern
Ireland- Burton Powerhouse 3- Twyford Celts- Dino Gym USA
Top 7 Individuals: Steve Sherwood - Pete Tryner - Ruth Jackson - James Gardner - Steve
Andrews - Phil Crisp - Stevie Shanks

3rd September
Welsh Open Championships - Port Talbot
14 lifters compete, Josh Davidson is the Overall Best Lifter!

16th August
Making Your Plans for the IAWA World Championships,
Lebanon PA USA 9th and 10th October.....Promoter Denny Habecker wishes to let those
attending know that he has altered arrangements for the Banquet which will now take place at a
nearby establishment and the cost will be $25 per head!

13th August
British All Round Championships - Burton on Trent
32 Lifters, Overall Best Lifter for the
Health and Strength Trophy = Pete Tryner

7th August
Leg 4 British All round Postal League
13 Teams - 39 Lifters
Burton Powerhouse hold top team Position over Granby Grippers and Metamorfit
Individual LEader is Phil Crisp over Steve Sherwood and Steve Andrews

2nd July
IAWA(UK) British Olympic Championships
20 lifters competed - Overall Best Lifter Tom Allsopp
Best Female / Junior: Mina Ell Best Open Lifter: Josh Davidson and Rich Metcalf =
Best Master Lifter: Tom Allsopp

6th June
British All Round Postal League - Leg 3 Results....15 teams 42 lifters The Lifts: Squat
Bench Deadlift and Crucifix
Top Three Teams: Powerhouse Granby and Metamorfit
Top Three Lifters: Phil Crisp Mark Haydock Steve Andrews

4th June
British Single Arm Championships - Birstall Leicester
Promoter Frank Allen - 13 Lifters
Best Junior Josh Hulse Best Female Chloe Burton Best Open Matt Wells Best Master Steve
Overall champion of Champions: Steve Andrews

21st May
Viking Strongman - Jason Dorn Memorial
25 athletes complete the Strongman Challenge and Old Time Strongman Lifts
Ladies Champions: Nadia Silva, Chloe Brennan, Tasha MaCauley
Mens Champions: Rory Hoad, Pete Tryner and Webster Reid

2nd April
British Powerlifting Championships at Metamorfit, Eastbourne
20 lifters take part: Best Female is Chloe Brennan, Best Open Lifter is Josh Davidson Best
Masters and Overall Champion is Mark Haydock

2nd April
Jenn Tibbenham is Upgraded to Qualified IAWA(UK) Referee

5th March
Midlands Open Championships
15 Lifters - Great Event
Winner Bill Jelley Award Best Open Lifter: Josh Davidson
Winner Pete Ready Trophy Best Master Lifter: Pete Tryner

27th February
Mike Archer Passed Away after his long illness - long time IAWA member and all round
weightlifting stalwart, he will be sadly missed!

18th February
Leg One 2016 Postal League
Top Three Teams
: Granby, Metamorfit 1 and Burton Powerhouse 1
Top three Individuals: Steve Sherwood, Steve Andrews and Clive Madge

Bert Spencer Winner (Dumbells Set) Webster Reid

6th February
British Grip Championships - Preston
M6 Snarl Up costs lifters but 16 still make it!
Best Open Lifter: James Gardner Best Masters and Overall Lifter: Pete Tryner
(2nd Mark Haydock 3rd Steve Sherwood 4th James Gardner)

16th January
National Clubs Championships for the Battle of Britain Trophy
7 Teams - 1st Burton Powerhouse Viking 2nd Hoghton Barbell 3rd Metamorfit Gym
Top 3 Individuals 1st James Gardner 2nd Mark Haydock 3rd Pete Tryner

10th January
Chris Bass - phone number reverted to:01472 250918

19th December
2015 British All round Postal League
Mark Haydock wins the Individual Title - Burton Powerhouse 1 retain the National League Title
Fantastic performances by all teams and all lifters!

6th December
Notes from the 2015 AGM Held at Orchard Road, Birstall Leicester at 11am

IAWA (UK) has 115 members currently. After paying the bills for the latest drug testing and
the December Journal the bank account should have about £4,200 left in it. Nine Drug Tests were
carried out in 2015 and all came back negative result. The 2016 fixture list was discussed and
finalised along with the lifts for the 2016 All Round Postal League, and these will be advertised
shortly. It was decided that the IAWA(UK) All Round Postal League will be free, there will be
no need for members entering teams to pay £1 per person per leg. The bank account being
healthy it was decided that there was no need to increase the annual membership for 2016. A
discussion took place on the awarding of the annual trophy supplied by Health and Strength
Magazine (which is presented for the best performance by a Junior lifter) The Award will be
presented and announced in January. The committee were informed that the work on the joint
Rule Book is progressing, and it is hoped that soon there will be a unified Rule Book for IAWA. A
number of topics and subjects were discussed at length under ĎAny Other Businessí. There
being no other nominations for office, and all current members working in post prepared to stand
for another 12 months, the committee were re-elected en-bloc. The Chairman, President and
Secretary / Treasurer and other officers of the IAWA(UK) Committee wish youall a very
Merry Xmas!

27th November
IAWA GOLD CUP - Perth, Australia
This was the first time the Gold Cup was held in Australia, and what a great event it was too, well
done to Promoter: John Mahon and his support team on a job well done, 20 Records broken in
all, lifters from England, Austrlia and USA took part. The Howard Prechtel Trophy for best
amended record went to Al Myers ofthe USA

12th October
IAWA World Championships - Glasgow, Scotland
A great weelend of competition with 34 lifters
Best Female Paula Thompson -Best Junior Matt Jones - Best Open Lifter James Gardner -Best
Masters and Best Overall Mark Haydock